Brain thoughts from another human...egg

The inevitable welcome you get by coming to this site!

I'm Tien-Tien (pronounced te-an), the person behind the words. A perpetual tinkerer at heart, I've dabbled in various projects and pursuits throughout the 20ish years in life. Sometimes I think my attention span is like a goldfish because it seems I can't get my brain to focus. One thing for sure is, I've always been drawn towards creative experiences.

This blog is an exploration of creativity in personal and professionals lives. Topics may teeter back back-and-forth, but you'll most likely find words around explorations in design, food, and crafting.

My hope is this can be a community of individuals who also find love in creative experiences. Whether you're dedicated to something specific or a dabbler like me, we're all people here just trying to express ourselves and share the things we enjoy.

Here are my current dabbles:

External Musings - a podcast - My dedicated sticker space

tiendrew - streaming games and designs